The Project
Many of You would like to have their own olive tree, but because of some reasons they can't fill their wish (unfavorable clime, land, lack of free time for maintenance...). We have come up to a
special program for You – unique in the World
in which you become the owner of one or more olive trees. It's enough to wish, let us know how many trees you'd like to have and the rest is on us.
For You we will:
Prepare land for planting the olive tree. Buy a seedling that gives the best fruit. Plant an olive tree. Regularly maintain it every year. Pick the fruits. Make the best olive oil.
Take care of the oil for 4 months (that's how much it needs to stand before consumation)Bottle the olive oil into bottles. Send the oil of Your olive to Your home address or if you wish – we will sell it for You and allocate the income from sale to Your account. 

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