Pupo Konoba - Pupo Tavern

Ul. Miha Pracata, 8
Dubrovnik, 20000
Croatia Karte anzeigen
+385 20 323 555

Growing business in our case is a story about raising a family...the business was growing together with the family...

Born and raised within the city walls, our three generations of the family make this story go on. Every member of our family has a role in different segments of the business. Products of our own bakery are every day at the table of the tavern and the patisserie, the supplies come from our own grocery shop. We choose, we control, we order, we are a part of everything we offer you...

Our lifestyle is deeply connected with life in old city of Dubrovnik. That s exactly the lifestyle we want you to experience when you come as a guest.

Dubrovnik is about the world s heritage, is about city walls, is about sun and sea, churches and squares but you get to know it when you hear stories and meet people, you get to know it when you taste it, you get to know it when we do our best to make your memories unique and unforgettable...

Behind this story there is a family..

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