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How to rent a car in Marrakech?
Cheap car rental Marrakech, Agence Le Canot your best partner to discover Marrakech & the regions of southern Morocco, Unity Business puts at your disposal its fleet of cheap economic, city cars, large classes, 4X4 and luxury. Marrakech-Menara International Airport is located less than 7 km from the medina and the Jamâa El Fna square, one of the main attractions in the city of Marrakech. Once on board your rented car, take barely 20 minutes to complete this trip outside of peak hours. Renting a car in Marrakech is an experience rich in emotions. Driving in the city requires a lot of composure and vigilance. We are always at your service.

What you should know before renting a car in Marrakech Medina:
A medina with the air of a thousand and one nights, lush riads and gardens, historic architectures: Marrakech has everything of an imperial Moroccan city; But behind the wheel of your rental car in Marrakech, you will also discover its trendy and cosmopolitan side.

Where to rent a car in Marrakech?
With Le Canot cars You will be able to rent a car at Marrakech airport, directly on arrival, as our rental services are present there. You can also find a car rental in the city center of Marrakech. Renting a car in Morocco in general and in Marrakech in particular is not very expensive: for 20 to 30 € / day, you will have a low-end car, but in good condition.

What types of cars can I rent in Marrakech?

Choose the type of your car to make the most of it in Marrakech:
4x4: If you improvise a little trip to the Sahara Desert, Merzouga Desert or maybe Ouarzazate? A 4x4 will be very useful for you.
A convertible: Preferably a convertible to roll under the Moroccan sun and reach the windward coast!
Economic: car rental does not necessarily mean budget restrictions! Driving an economical car, you can travel around Morocco at low prices. and without obligation.
Luxury: Luxury and tailor-made rental service.

How old do you have to be to rent a car in Marrakech?

The rule in the world of car rental is to be at least 21 years old

Can I rent my car in Marrakech with a debit card?

No, car rental agencies in Marrakech do not accept debit cards but just credit cards. It must be in your name and have sufficient funds to cover all guarantees.

What should I know about driving in Marrakech or Morocco?
Be very careful when driving to Marrakech because the traffic is intense and very chaotic. The highway code (red lights, stops, etc.) is not widely respected. It is strongly advised not to enter the medina by car because its alleys are narrow and often crowded. In the city and the surrounding area, watch out for horse-drawn carriages, mopeds and bicycles likely to use the main roads.

It is not difficult to park in Marrakech. The city is well supplied with parking lots. They are chargeable and monitored by a guard day and night. There are no parking spaces near the medina, especially behind the Koutoubia. It will cost you 2 or 3 euros per day / night.

The cheapest car rental offers in Marrakech: The canoe.

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How much does a rental car in Marrakech cost, Marrakech car rental?

A rental car in Marrakech costs an average of € 15 per day. 4x4 rental in Marrakech.

What is the cheapest hire car agency in Marrakech?

In the past 72 hours, the cheapest rental cars were found at Le canot (20 € / day), Car rental (9 € / day) and Marrakech car (12 € / day).

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