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Kenya Expresso Tours and Safaris is a company that believes in Kenya, East Africa and Africa at large, as the home of safaris and its landscape imprints beauty and amazing land facts and wonders. A land of the big 5 and adventuring activities with an aim to keep you coming for more. There are different ethnic tribes, each with their own language, culture, and customs. Mostly in Kenya, we have The red-robed, beaded Maasai people are undoubtedly the most famous tribes. The unique Swahili culture dominates the coastal regions. Nairobi is home to a large swirl of humanity, with significant Indian, African and Western populations. As a result, The snow-capped peak of Mt Kenya & Mt Kilimanjaro, grassy plains of Masai Mara, the pink blush of Lake Nakuru, and the annual migration of millions of wildebeest are but some of the delights waiting for you in Kenya.

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