Are you looking for a reasonable yet effective treatment program to overcome your addictions? Come to Calm Rehab in Bali to rest, recover, and get rehabilitated. We are a private alcohol and drug rehabilitation center that is western owned and operated helping residents overcome any addiction to drugs or alcohol or even other forms of abuse or psychological trauma. You may have your reservations traveling to the other side of the world but rest assured that we have competent doctors and nurses on board who will be responsible for your health and well-being during your entire stay.


While you are away from home and all your addictions, you will never have to worry about getting bored but instead enjoy the wide range of leisure activities incorporated into your time-tested therapies. Recovery does not have to be such a painful process with us. Calm Bali will help you make gradual yet long-term changes that will benefit you more in the long run.


Experience a balanced and relaxing experience while our medical team helps you overcome your mental issues and possible withdrawal symptoms brought about by the treatment. Your family can rely on us that you are in safe hands despite the distance. Calm Bali is among the only two Asian facilities that provide a full range of treatment services guaranteed to help you recover and be free of your addictions by the end of the program. We will help you privately recover from drugs or alcohol in a luxurious setting that is devoid of any temptation, making for an enjoyable rehab experience.


Get in touch with us by filling out the contact form to leave a message or send us an email to [...]. You should not struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction on your own, reach out to us:

Whatsapp: +62 811 399 8725

International: +62 811 399 8726

Australia: 1-800-823-436

UK: 0203 318 3365


Calm Rehab is located at Calm Rehab Bali, Jalan Umalas 1 Kuta Utara Badung Bali 80361. Come visit us and take your first step to rehabilitation with our expert help.

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